Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Cheer

Is it to early to talk about Christmas? I always make myself wait until Thanksgiving week to listen to Christmas music, and here is why. I listen to it welllll into the new year-- I'm talking February, easily. I know, I know. It's a bit excessive...but it's so cheery!

The other day, I was talking to my friend Em. Em and I are a lot alike-- we call each other "samesies" multiple times a week as we discover more and more ways we are alike. Anyway, Em's family was putting up their Christmas tree and I decided I needed a little Christmas cheer in my life as well. I love, LOVE sending out Christmas cards (seriously. Would you like one? Send me your address! I don't know why I enjoy sending them so much...but I do!)

So, this is my little corner of Christmas cheer. As Christmas cards arrive in my mailbox, they will be added to the small amount of decor I have.

Have you decorated for the holidays yet? Will you?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Return

(shopping with the nephew)

I’ve begun many blog posts over the past few months. With a full time job and then job searching most of the summer on top of it, blogging hasn’t been a priority in my life. I will be honest, in the beginning I didn’t miss it much at all- but as the months went by I’ve felt drawn back to it.

What to write though? Lots has changed, and yet not much at all. Friends have been made, and lost. Trips have been taken, new family members have been added, there is a new job and new babysitting clients. Summer passed and fall is almost at its end as well. Winter can be such a dark, gloomy season of life for me and it is likely that I will spend more time at home—so I’m back, for the time being. I considered scrapping this blog for good, beginning another one, but the past few years of my life are chronicled on this blog, why leave that behind?

With that said, here are some cute baby pictures for you. In April, I became an aunt when my sister had baby Joseph. He is now seven months old and still adorable. He lives out of the country, so I don’t see him as often as I’d like to—because let’s face it, I could visit him every day and not grow tired! However, I was home for Thanksgiving last week and so were they, so I gobbled (haha, get it? yes, I’m a dork) him right up. Winking smile


Here’s to back-to-blogging, maybe? Smile

Monday, August 13, 2012


I haven't been blogging (no time! job ended! had an interview! got offered a job! going on vacation tomorrow! etc...) 

But I've been instagramming, pretty much daily. I've always been a photo fanatic, and it's quick & easy from my phone...

Tonight's photo courtesy of the sunset at my babysitting gig :)

I love summer! Please don't leave...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blogger Meetup!

Last Friday, I was clicking through some blogs I'd found through Kelly's Korner's regional link up a few months ago. On one of them, I noticed a button advertising an Ohio blogger meet up, so I clicked on it, thinking it was likely a past event. Instead, it was happening in two days! Now, I've been blogging for almost 6 years in some way, shape or form, and although I've met people through blogging, I'd never taken part in an official meetup, so I decided to go and emailed my super-late RSVP. 

Leigh Anne did a great job getting us all twelve of us together and we enjoyed a delicious meal at The Cheesecake Factory, which just happens to be one of my favorite places to eat. Yum!!

We all had a great time getting to know each other and talking blogs, jobs, tv shows, twitter, pinterest, and other random things. I look forward to the next meet up!!

Borrowing a picture from Leigh Anne's blog--

Left to right (back row): MichelleAbbyBrittanyWhitneyShaneCaitlynJen, Bethany (Me!), Lindsay
(front row): Leigh AnneKatieHolly 

So fun!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Villages of Guatemala- Part II

Fullscreen capture 762012 15104 PM

The second village we visited in Guatemala was a unique one. Of the four we visited, this one was the most exuberant! As soon as our feet touched the ground after leaving our bus, we were showered, and I do mean SHOWERED, in confetti. I have never seen so much confetti in my life!

Fullscreen capture 762012 14322 PMFullscreen capture 762012 14346 PMFullscreen capture 762012 14411 PMFullscreen capture 762012 14453 PM

In addition to the confetti, we were also treated to a parade on our way to the local CFCA center. We ended up joining the parade as music was played and children cheered, danced, and clapped for us. They were excited to have visitors!


Fullscreen capture 762012 14522 PM


Once we came to the center, we were treated to more confetti inside and even MORE inside. We had it everywhere—even days later it was found in our hair, in our clothes, all over our bus!

Fullscreen capture 762012 14533 PM.bmp

This center was where we felt the most heat. I’m pretty sure I sweated more the day of this village visit than the rest of our time in Guatemala! They set us up at a long table in front of the stage- as in most of the villages, the residents sat behind us…we felt like undeserving celebrities!

Fullscreen capture 762012 14629 PM

Fullscreen capture 762012 14734 PM

We were treated to dances and songs from the local kids and definitely experienced more of the Mayan culture in this village. I don’t really know how to explain it, other than it had a different cultural feel! There were dances with masks and animals, something we didn’t see anywhere else.

Fullscreen capture 762012 14634 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 762012 14640 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 762012 14705 PM  Fullscreen capture 762012 14830 PM

Fullscreen capture 762012 14903 PM

Fullscreen capture 762012 14937 PM

Fullscreen capture 762012 14911 PM

We heard from the mother of this little boy, who (if you can believe it!) is ten years old. He’s suffered with leukemia, if I remember correctly. Through CFCA he was able to get treatment and is doing well.

Fullscreen capture 762012 15015 PM.bmp   Fullscreen capture 762012 20833 PM.bmp

We were also able to witness as a young boy and two elderly people received a wheelchair and walkers, respectively. The elderly lady, oh bless her heart! She kept thanking us for her gift, over and over—even though from what we could tell, she has arthritis badly in her hands and may struggle to use it. Sad smile


Fullscreen capture 762012 14858 PM.bmp   IMG_1691

We danced a lot, and then the mothers came out in mobs as they wanted us to take pictures with their children. When we asked one of the leaders why this was, since we wouldn’t be able to send each family copies of the pictures, they told us the moms want to make sure we remember and pray for their children. Smile

Fullscreen capture 762012 15058 PM

Fullscreen capture 762012 15028 PM

Fullscreen capture 762012 22238 PM.bmp




There are our faithful police followers- told you they were with us all the time! Open-mouthed smile

Fullscreen capture 762012 13657 PM - Copy

Until next time…

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To New Beginnings!

The last time I resigned from a job I had previously loved, a job that had been a part of my life for three years, it didn't go well. My boss at the time brusquely walked out on me at a meeting, stating that she hoped I had no plans to try and get a recommendation from her. To say I was shocked is an understatement, and a couple years later it's still a bit hard to think back on!

With that said, yesterday began with the same plan in my mind- it was the day I would resign from my position as a full time nanny. A lot of thought, prayer, and confirmation from family & friends went into the decision, so even though I knew it was the right thing to do, it was a stressful day because I knew what was going to come at the end!

August tenth will bring the end of one chapter of my life, and the beginning of a new and unknown chapter!

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Sunday, July 08, 2012


Photo from here

When my mom, my close friends, and the logical side of my brain are all telling me to make the same decision, it's probably the right one, but that doesn't mean it's easy!

Tomorrow will likely be a rough day, but if all goes as planned I will end it with a sense of peace that the right decision has been made...keep me in your thoughts and prayers!!

photo from here

Guatemala City


The first morning we were in Guatemala, before we headed to the first village, we spent maybe an hour and a half in Guatemala City. Our main reason for visiting was Mass in the Cathedral, but it was neat to get our first glimpse of the city downtown and see the local culture.

There were police everywhere downtown, crawling the plaza and wandering the streets. Our group also had our own security men who followed us all week, even into the villages. We joked that once we came back to the states we’d feel comforted if we saw a police officer behind us while driving instead of being worried we did something wrong! Smile We had a few photo ops with our guys- but I think these pictures were before we realized these guys would be with us all week!
Fullscreen capture 6252012 90746 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 6252012 90805 PM.bmp



Downtown Architecture
IMG_1164                Fullscreen capture 6252012 90204 PM.bmp

The Cathedral—such cool doors!



In the square we found a lot of fruit, meat and ice cream being sold. We were advised not to buy or eat any of it but it was neat to look at!


IMG_1168    IMG_1170


There were goats wandering around the square, waiting to have their very fresh milk sold.
Fullscreen capture 6252012 90942 PM.bmp


A shoe-shiner

We did participate in a fun, silly thing in the square. There was a guy offering to have a parakeet pick our fortune. It cost 10Q, just a little over $1, so why not? Mine was very funny- while written in Spanish, it was translated for me and said something about not loving on my boyfriend too much. Haha… Lydia did it too but I am not sure what her fortune said!
Fullscreen capture 6252012 90930 PM.bmp

IMG_1186   IMG_1192


We saw some interesting characters for sale…


And of course, we were able to catch a glimpse of some traditional bright Guatemalan colors--



Until next time… Smile