Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter is Mean to Me


So remember a few weeks ago  last week when I said this winter was pretty much awesome and light? It still holds true for the most part, the kids were out drawing with chalk on Monday and Tuesday.

However, I haven’t seen my family since Christmas and it’s not for lack of trying. A couple of weeks ago, it was planned that my “baby’ sister (she’s almost 12 but she’s my baby!) was going to come and spend the weekend with me. We were going to go mini-golfing, see a movie, visit some of my favorite food places…and Friday afternoon, before I left work, an ice storm started and didn’t let up until mid-Saturday (or later, I don’t remember). Instead of hanging out with my little sis, I spent the weekend reading, organizing, and being bored until it was time for Levate on Sunday evening.

This past Thursday was my sister Lily’s 17th birthday. Tonight we planned for a party- a small one, but pizza, ice cream, going to the movies…well last night, snow/blowing/freezing cold weather moved in and the highway between my house and my parents was slick and not too safe, according to the state weather website. This morning, the drive is even worse…so, I’m not going. It’s quite possible the party will be cancelled anyway…but I am SO, SO bummed.

Winter, I hate you today.
I want summer!!!!!!!

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