Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blogger Meetup!

Last Friday, I was clicking through some blogs I'd found through Kelly's Korner's regional link up a few months ago. On one of them, I noticed a button advertising an Ohio blogger meet up, so I clicked on it, thinking it was likely a past event. Instead, it was happening in two days! Now, I've been blogging for almost 6 years in some way, shape or form, and although I've met people through blogging, I'd never taken part in an official meetup, so I decided to go and emailed my super-late RSVP. 

Leigh Anne did a great job getting us all twelve of us together and we enjoyed a delicious meal at The Cheesecake Factory, which just happens to be one of my favorite places to eat. Yum!!

We all had a great time getting to know each other and talking blogs, jobs, tv shows, twitter, pinterest, and other random things. I look forward to the next meet up!!

Borrowing a picture from Leigh Anne's blog--

Left to right (back row): MichelleAbbyBrittanyWhitneyShaneCaitlynJen, Bethany (Me!), Lindsay
(front row): Leigh AnneKatieHolly 

So fun!


  1. Hi Bethany,

    It was so great to meet you also! I hope we can meet up again soon as well!!


    1. BTW: Thanks for sharing that regional blogger link. I was just looking through it and saw some Ohio blogs I didn't know about. I am loving finding bloggers from our area :)


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