Saturday, February 16, 2013


As I sat in Starbucks last night working on both of my Bible studies, I had to smile- at my life, the company I was keeping, God’s timing, the lessons I’ve been learning of late.

A year ago, you probably wouldn’t have found me at Starbucks,
or working on Bible Study homework,
or even with either of my friends I was sitting with last night, Em and Bets,
or making birthday plans over Twitter with two of my awesome Bible Study gals, Jen and Mindy.

A year ago, I didn’t hang out at Starbucks (Emily, pick your jaw up off the floor). I wasn’t in one Bible Study, let alone two. I had met but wasn’t really friends with Em or Bets yet. I hadn’t even met Jen and Mindy yet! Gosh--- how a year does change things!

After a moment of quiet thanksgiving prayer to God for bringing all four of the ladies into my life when He knew I needed friends like them, I turned to my Bible Study and immediately my glance fell to a sentence in Karen Ehman’s book, Let.It.Go –

“Catching up with the Joneses is a never-ending run on the treadmill of dissatisfaction.”- Pg. 186

It’s not a long sentence, but the impact of it still hit me. In my Thursday night Bible Study, we were discussing how years ago, our grandparents/great-grandparents were not constantly influenced by Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/blogs. They didn’t exist. Sure, maybe they saw their friends once a week at church (or hey, Bible Study!) and caught up on each other’s lives. It’s different today—every day, for most of us, we are reading and looking at a constant stream of what our “friends” (c’mon, admit it…you are not in-real-life-awesome friends with EVERYONE on your Facebook friend list, are you?) are up to.

Where so-and-so is on vacation.
What huge tv someone just bought.
Someone from college getting married.
A friend announcing a pregnancy (their fourth baby, if I’m counting).

It’s everywhere. It is SO easy to compare- after all, the grass is always greener, right? If I allow it to, all of this wonderful news for my friends can make me green with envy! And while I’m being honest with you, I’m a jealous person when it comes to friends. I try not to be, but all I’ve ever wanted to be is a mom- of many kids, from nations around the world. A mom, raising kiddos—like almost ALL of my friends from college are doing, by the way. Is that too much to ask for, God? After all, friends 1-200 on Facebook from college are married with kids. Why not ME?!

As I moved on to my study guide, I knew immediately why not me. The question asked what God may be trying to teach me that I wouldn’t be learning if God suddenly plucked me out of my current situation and into the one I had picked as perfect for myself…

Well…I’ll be shaken a bit by God—wake up, girlie!

If I married out of college, I wouldn’t be sitting in Starbucks with two of my best friends, now would I? Probably not, since it would seem extremely unlikely that I’d know them! The same for Jen and Mindy- I met them through a Bible Study last fall, a Bible Study I joined to help me get through a long, cold, possibly lonely winter because I don’t have a husband and those kids I dream about yet.

I love my life most of the time. I am happy. I am busy. I enjoy work and the kids I babysit for.

And most of all?

I am so, very, extremely thankful for the friends God has brought into my life in the last year or so. A life that is crafted for me, by God- placing me in the city, in the job, in the lives of people I am to be in contact with. A life that is one-of-a-kind and exclusively crafted for me to be content and happy with, because it is part of God’s plan for me!


  1. I am so glad that He brought all of us Unglued Sistas together! You are such a blessing girl. Keep walking in faith and be blessed:)


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  3. What an awesome post. I am so happy for you! Sounds like you're really happy. GOOD! You deserve it!

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  5. It is great to see you having a great time with your supportive circle of friends. You have a great sense of priorities :)

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